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We work with leading global provider of high-quality multimodal biometric identity management solutions, used to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to establish and verify their identities.

The Identity solutions we propose have end-to-end capabilities and modular products and solutions that help protect and secure personal identities and assets. We work with different OEM and solution provider to design customer focused solutions to help reduce fraud, protect privacy, combat crime and terror, and increase security. Our systems combine state-of- the-art face, finger and iris recognition biometric technologies with credentialing and document authentication capabilities to successfully address all aspects of managing identity solutions. We provide Identity Solution to different industries:
  • Commercial (Financial, Companies)
  • Criminal Justice ( Criminal Bookings, Criminal Investigation and Inmate Management)
  • Border Management (Watchlist Screening and Document Authentication)
  • Government ( Passports/Visa, Driver License, National ID Card and other Credentialing Products)
Authentication by biometric verification is becoming increasingly common in criminal investigation, corporate and public security systems, consumer electronics and point of sale applications. We are capable of designing systems with the following biometrics:
  • Facial Patterns
  • Fingerprint/Palm
  • Iris/Eye Retina
  • Voice Patterns
  • Multi-Modal
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