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ID card systems

ID Card Systems

If you are in need of an ID Card System, we will study your requirement and will put together a system to meet your requirement. We can provide you a complete turnkey system that will include ID card equipment, ID card software, Operational guidelines and the needed supplies. We have different types of systems:

Basic ID Card Systems

The basic system is designed to issue high-quality ID cards quickly. The system is simple to operate and features a flexible and reliable printer that produces secure, full-color cards. The system includes technical support, photo ID software, and supplies. The printer can also be upgraded to a more sophisticated printer.

Small Business ID Card System

The Small Business system is easy to use and effortless to maintain, the printer produces high-quality, secure ID cards on demand. This system comes with everything you need to launch your ID program - including the printer, cleaning kit, printing supplies, and software. Just install onto your PC and start printing high quality cards right away.

Standard Photo ID System

With the Standard Photo ID System, top-quality ID card printing is affordable and easy. The system includes a versatile printer, ID card software, printer supplies, and a digital camera. Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, schools, membership programs, government organizations, and more, the Standard Photo ID System features everything you need to print secure photo ID cards and effectively manage your ID program.

Secure Photo ID System

Print durable, secure cards easily with Secure ID Card System. The Secure System comes with the durable and versatile ID card printer that features a unique overlay - a "ghost" image on the card that makes duplication and counterfeiting cards almost impossible. The printer quickly prints full color cards with the option of encoding magnetic stripes, smart cards and contact less smart cards for multipurpose and access control ID cards. In conjunction with software and a ID Card Camera, the Secure system makes printing attractive, durable and secure ID cards efficient and easy.

Premium Photo ID System

With the HDP5000, Fargo has released a revolutionary ID card printer loaded with cutting edge technology, and built with a modular design that allows the printer to adapt if your ID card needs change over time. The HDP5000 features unparalleled print quality, with stunning 600 dpi resolution and full color over the edge printing. This complete system includes not only the powerful HDP5000, but also software, a digital camera, and all the supplies and accessories you'll need to implement a secure and sophisticated ID card program.

All of the above systems can be configure to have a dual sided printer.

High Production ID System with Lamination

The High Production ID System is designed for high-volume ID programs requiring strong security features, and long-term performance. The system includes the powerful and versatile dual-sided printer with single-sided lamination, along with printer supplies, ID card software, and a digital camera. Ideal for corporate environments, schools and universities, government agencies, and more, this system can handle the most demanding ID card printing jobs, and can easily adapt to meet your changing needs, should your ID program grow over time. This system can be integrated with different types of biometrics including signature, fingerprint, Iris etc.

All of our systems can be designed to print in Dari (Farsi) and Pashto Languages

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